The 6 Key Steps to Writing an Article Online

Ever wondered how to write an article online? First of all you need an online account. Visit this page to ask for one.

Once you’ve got an account – Here we’ve got a 6 step guide on how to write an article up online.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments at the bottom.

Log in to the site, and then click ‘Posts’ > ‘Add New’


1. The Title: What your post is about.

  • This is what people will see on the website and on social networks
  • Make it something people would like to click on
  • No more than 10 words

2. The Content: The article body

3. The Excerpt: A short summary of what your post is about

  • This will appear alongside the title on the website
  • Make readers ‘want to know more’
  • No more than 15 words

4. Categories: What section are you writing for?

  • If you’re writing a Features article, click the ‘Features’ category checkbox
  • If you’re writing a Newspaper article, assign it to the ‘Newspaper’ category AS WELL.

5. The image: An image to compliment the article

  • Click on the ‘Add an Image’ button, found beneath the headline. Upload and insert images throughout the story when suitable.
  • You must have a Featured image. Click ‘Set Featured Image’ in the bottom right.
  • Click ‘select files’ (do NOT click ‘from URL’)
  • Select the file you want
  • Go right to the bottom and click ‘Use as featured image’
  • Close the box

6. Post Notes: Additional info for editors/writers about the post

  • Write a note in the box next to ‘Submit for approval’
  • E.g. “Finished this, but not sure about X” or “Great post Y, keep up the good work!”

Then just click ‘submit for approval‘, and you’re done!