Contact Us (Meet the Committee)

As well as through our social media (we’re mostly active on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp at the time of writing), our editor-in-chief can also be reached directly via email. Committees hand over during the summer at the end of the academic year (academic years run from August to August).

2023/2024 Wessex Scene Committee

  • Editor-in-Chief- James M. Hurford*†
  • VP Deputy Editor- Anton Allegranza Quicke*
  • Treasurer- Sheryl Robinson
  • Head of Design- Lucy Grant
  • Imagery Coordinator- Rebecca Hanney
  • Social Media & Advertising Manager- Emma Leeson
  • Events Secretary- Jack Reeves
  • Technological Officer- Joshua Kennard
  • Content Editors- Hamish McLay, James Sharp**, Chloe Thomas, Catherine Tait, Karla Bejan, Daniel Schiavon

* These members have undergone SUSU’s welfare training.
** Designated Welfare Officer
† Designated Health & Safety Officer

2022/2023 Wessex Scene Committee:

  • Editor- Isobel Mcveigh
  • Deputy Editor- Oliwia Kowalik
  • Head of Design- Flossy Waters
  • Head of Imagery- Emily Ralph
  • Online & Marketing Manager- Charlie Burgess
  • Head of Events & Outreach- Amy Scott-Munden
  • Features Editor- Sam Pegg
  • Politics Editor- Fiachra Jools O’Rourke
  • Opinion Editor- Alyssa-Caroline Burnette
  • Lifestyle Editor- Chloe Thomas
  • Science and Technology Editor- Lara Graham
  • Travel Editor- Lewis East
  • Sports Editor- Ellie Griffiths
  • Pause Editor- James Hurford
  • News and Investigations- Amrit Kaur, Philip Bennett
  • Sub-Editors- Laura Ellison, Gemma McBain, Katie Phillips

2021/2022 Wessex Scene Committee:

  • Editor- Emily Dennis
  • Deputy Editor- Sam Pearson
  • Head of Design- Ren Neoh
  • Head of Imagery- Sayli Jadhav
  • Online & Marketing Manager- James M. Hurford
  • Head of Events & Outreach- Katie Evans
  • Features Editor- Elizabeth Sorrell
  • Politics Editor- Hector Hemingway-McGhee
  • Opinion Editor- Ellie Griffiths
  • Lifestyle Editor- Daisy Gazzard
  • Science and Technology Editor- Jack Davies
  • Travel Editor- Hannah Griffiths
  • Sports Editor- Mitul Mistry
  • Pause Editor- Alyssa-Caroline Burnette
  • News Editors- Becky Davies, Daniela Gonzalez
  • Investigation Leads- Byron Lewis, Megan Laing
  • Sub-Editors- Rachel Manthorpe, Sam Pegg, Chloe Wade

2020/2021 Wessex Scene Committee:

  • Editor- Linnea Lagerstedt
  • Deputy Editor- Macey McDermott
  • Head of Design- Ben Smyth
  • Head of Imagery- Frances Robin Rose
  • Head of Events & Outreach- Luke Boulton
  • Online & Marketing Manager- Lauren Green
  • Features Editor- Katie Byng-Hall
  • Pause Editor- Emily Dennis
  • Politics Editor- Sam Pearson
  • Science and Technology Editor- Lisa Stimson
  • Sports Editor- Kai Chappell
  • Travel Editor- Laura Prost
  • Lifestyle Editor- Megan Gaen
  • Opinion Editor- Thomas Collyer
  • News & Investigations Editors: Alishia Markwell, Ruby Wood, Brodie Brown, Alyssa-Caroline Burnette
  • Sub-Editors- Farida Yusuf, Alice MacArthur, Rebecca Williams

2019/2020 Wessex Scene Committee:

  • Editor-  Charlotte Colombo
  • Deputy Editor- Megan Crossman
  • Head of Design- Sophie Peach
  • Head of Imagery- Nina Pannone
  • Web & Social Media Manager- Kayleigh Littlemore
  • Head of Outreach- Simran Mann
  • Head of Events-  Nathaniel Oluwadamilola Ogunnivi
  • Features Editor- Beth Ablett
  • Politics Editor- Patrick Lowe
  • Opinion Editor- Linnea Lagerstedt
  • Lifestyle Editor- Marco Pretara
  • Science and Technology Editor- Léa Soler
  • Travel Editor- Hazel Jonckers
  • International Editor- Henry Shah
  • Sports Editor- Luke Ebbs
  • Pause Editor- Tom Ford
  • News & Investigations Editors: Ben Dolbear, Imy Brighty-Potts, Emily Dennis
  • Sub-Editors- Gaby Puleston-Vaudrey, Joanna Magill, Jordan Truong

2018/2019 Wessex Scene Committee:

  • Editor- Ivan Morris Poxton
  • Deputy Editor- Zach Sharif
  • Head of Print Design- Rachel Winter
  • Head of Online Design- Kayleigh Littlemore
  • Head of Imagery- Avila Diana Chidume
  • Head of Marketing- Joe Briody
  • Features Editor- Linnea Lagerstedt
  • Politics Editor- Charlotte Colombo
  • Opinion Editor- Rachel Mather
  • Lifestyle Editor- Megan Hart
  • Science and Technology Editor- Laura Nelson
  • Travel Editor- George Hart
  • International Editor- Tabassum Rahman
  • News Editors: Stefania Zeniou
  • Sports Editor- Aaryman Banerji
  • Investigations Editor- Katja Stout
  • Sub-Editors- Amy Picknell, Annabel Gadd, Emily Fry and Hazel Jonckers
  • Head of Events- Damian Meaden
  • VP DCI and Editor-in-chief- Evie Reilly