From Frontline to Front Page: British Vogue Makes Key Workers Its July Cover Stars


British Vogue has revealed its cover stars for July’s issue: three key workers, who have helped to keep the country going during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vogue wanted to celebrate the millions of people who have been working tirelessly throughout these difficult times and thank them for their amazing work.

Normally a space for celebrities, including most recently Dame Judi Dench, the cover of British Vogue is a prestigious platform, featuring beautiful photographs. The July issue is no exception in featuring such photographs on its cover, however it is not celebrities that feature on the cover of this issue, but key workers instead.

The first woman is Narguis Horsford. She is a train driver in London who has continued working throughout the crisis to make sure that other essential workers can get to their workplaces. Despite her important work, she says she doesn’t see herself as a hero, although she is still proud of the role she has carried out in the crisis. Sadly, like many key workers, she has had to distance herself from her family to protect them whilst she works. It is sacrifices like these that British Vogue wants to recognise and say thank you for.

Next is NHS Midwife Rachel Millar, who also works in London. She has continued to work on the frontline, helping soon-to-be and new parents not only through what is a huge life change for themselves, but also through this pandemic. She has said that she is so proud of the work that she and her colleagues have been doing and is grateful for the support that the local community have shown towards them. Most importantly, she also says that she hopes the NHS is not forgotten after all this. Hopefully, the fact that British Vogue is promoting these essential workers will help to maintain public awareness and support.

The third key worker is a supermarket assistant called Anisa Omar, who has been working at a London Waitrose throughout the pandemic. She said that when lockdown was announced, she felt compelled to go and do her job, even if that meant putting herself at risk. She is following the government’s guidelines on social distancing, which has made her feel safer. In addition, she says customer attitudes have changed. People are warmer and friendlier towards staff because they recognise that this is their job and they have to be in the shop everyday, unlike the customers. This recognition by British Vogue of supermarket workers shows how important they are in keeping the country fed and healthy.

Sharing these stories and making these women its cover stars shows how British Vogue is reflecting the current situation that the UK and the rest of the world is experiencing and is recognising who the real heroes are – those that we rely on everyday. Giving our essential workers the front cover, which is normally reserved for celebrities, is putting them on that pedestal and giving them the recognition they undoubtedly deserve as true icons.

This edition of the magazine, because of the crisis, could show that British Vogue is shifting more towards representative journalism and reflecting the lives of its readers, rather than keeping its usual focus of brands and trends. Furthermore, because of British Vogue‘s influence in the magazine publication sphere, this could lead to a further change in the dynamics of other publications in this sector. This edition of the magazine could not only change the angle of British Vogue‘s future publications, but could also fundamentally change the whole women’s magazine sector, especially after the hugely positive response these covers and articles have received.

In the July Edition of British Vogue, there will be a 20 page portfolio celebrating all of our key workers, as well as the three cover stars. You can read more information about these three wonderful key workers and view their cover photos here.


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