Your Ultimate Guide: How to not get spiked on a night out


“Don’t go out alone at night, don’t leave your drink unattended, don’t trust strangers at the bar, anything is possible in life, just be careful”

How many times have you listened to a similar safety lecture from your family? Fifty? How many identical guides have you seen on the Internet and how many times have you read all the symptoms of spiking on the warnings plastered across club walls? Good news — this guide is absolutely no different… except this is a (mostly) sarcastic roller coaster of advice!

Why do we need this? Because the university is one big house, and we are all family, friends, and one big culture here, so you are simply doomed to listen to the same lecture for the fifty-first time. Buckle up!

Be alone. Utterly alone.

Let’s start with the most obvious — go alone at night. Do not warn your flatmates or friends about a sudden desire to go to a night rendezvous, go in search of adventure and questionable entertainment on the streets of the city with a low phone battery and with music playing at full volume in your headphones. After all, the fate of the main character of a true crime podcast is always interesting and can guarantee you fame! The same goes for going to the clubs. Who needs the slightest hint of safety in an unfamiliar and crowded place? 

Be risky.

People are losing trust in each other, and it’s sad to witness. Why can’t you entrust your glass to a suspicious acquaintance, with whom there were at most three exchanges of awkward small talk? In this case, it is generally worth leaving the drink unattended. It won’t grow legs and run away, but if anything happens, of course it will be able to protect itself and break the arms of anyone reaching into their pocket for drugs. After all, that’s why cocktails are so pricy.

Drinks taste better when they’re free, especially when they’re from a kind stranger who’s put their own twist on the bartender’s recipe that’s as safe as going into the mouth of an active volcano.

Be secretive.

And of course, it is necessary to maintain your mysterious image. Be an unsolved puzzle, an enigma, a manuscript in the Elvish language: solve all the your problems along the way by yourself. Even Dora the Explorer had helpers in the form of Boots and a Map with a Backpack, but you can do it alone, right? Although, many clubs, bars and pubs in Southampton are part of the “Ask for Angela” campaign. This means that if you feel unsafe or something is wrong, then you can go to the bar at any time and ask for Angela — in this case, staff will help you to leave the bar and get home safely. But your adventure will be even more exciting if it is completely alone! It’s interesting, isn’t it?

And do not be tricked.

Now let’s be clear — who fell for it? Hopefully not many. Of course, all of the above and what has been said must be rotated 360 degrees. Is it tedious? Very much. But let’s face it – there are different situations in life, and full-fledged security will never be achieved. As long as you have a sane head on your shoulders and you do not risk your health and safety too much, then you should not treat all the rules too strictly. The most important thing is not to put yourself and your friends at risk, think before making decisions, and be careful.

That’s it, that’s the whole guide. Sorry for taking your time. 


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