My Relationship with… TikTok


I should start off by saying I never intended to get sucked into the vortex that is TikTok. I saw the odd video being shared on other social media platforms, but thought nothing of it. Then, one drunken night, I downloaded the app and, well, let’s just say if I manage to pass second year I will be laughing (and probably making a TikTok about it).

For those that don’t know – and to be honest, I still don’t really know – TikTok is a video sharing app that allows users to make videos with voice-overs, music or your own sound. There are dance challenges, emoji challenges, prank challenges and more. You could just scroll through the ‘For You’ page that the TikTok algorithm has decided is a bit of you (without you ever even making a video) but, at some point (as was the case for me), you’ll come up with an idea for something that you think is unbelievably funny, film it, share it and get 5 views. At that point though, you’re too far gone. You’re addicted. And you’ll keep making videos and eventually, maybe, probably not, possibly get some kind of following!

Their slogan is ‘make every second count’, though I would argue that since I downloaded the app every second has wasted away. The truth is, the app is an astonishing waste of time. But the bottom line? It’s addictive.

So how can I describe my relationship with said app? I may compare it to my love life: it makes me laugh but in the end, it is just disappointing. My most viewed video has 156 views and it wasn’t even my funniest one. Although, apparently none of them are that funny. Big sad. That said, it builds up your confidence by making you think you’re funny. Maybe in the long run that isn’t such a good thing, though? Probably inflates the ego too much. Oh well.

Since people have started self-isolating due to ‘that which must not be named’ even more people are downloading the app and falling victim to its compelling clutches. Everyone is having a go at the dances and pranks and it makes for hilarious viewing.

At the end of the day, most people on there are just there for a laugh. A good time and a long time, since you can never bring yourself to delete it. TikTok is addictive, so my relationship with it probably isn’t healthy. I don’t sleep, eat or think. But it has my back, ya know? Keeps me company in isolation and, for now, that’ll do.

PSA: Follow @ottielenghi and laugh with me – even if you’re actually laughing at me!

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