Sexperiences in 2020


The Coronavirus pandemic has affected many parts of our lives in 2020 and our sex lives are no exception. Lockdown rules and regulations, support bubbles, the mandatory wearing of face coverings and social distancing have all affected people’s opportunities for intimacy this year. So, what ‘sexperiences‘ has everyone had this past year?

According to a survey conducted by condom brand Pasante, the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the majority of sex lives this year. They also note in this survey the ways people have adapted to be COVID-safe and secure during their ‘sexcapades‘.

During the pandemic, the number of people getting intimate regularly has decreased by nearly 20%, from the 74% before COVID, according to the Pasante survey of 1,000 southerners. 1 in 5 said they are worried about contracting COVID whilst having sex, so have avoided doing so, whilst 35% said they were too tired anyway to even think about intimacy.

If people have been getting intimate, like the 31% in this survey who have continued having casual sex throughout the pandemic, many have taken extra precautions against the virus:

  • 5% have been wearing a face covering during sex.
  • 13% are avoiding sex positions that are face-to-face.
  • 19% are no longer talking dirty to prevent spreading germs.
  • Nearly 10% are having sex outside because of the pandemic.

Also, because of the lockdown and restrictions in terms of meeting others inside, there has been an increase in masturbation, the use of sex toys, and online sex, which are considered the safest options at this time.

Coronavirus is known to be spread by the saliva, mucus, and breath of those carrying it, so kissing and intimate contact could cause the virus to be spread easily. Therefore, it has been recommended by the Terrence Higgins Trust to not kiss or face one another during sex and instead wear a mask and favour positions which do not involve being face-to-face. It is also recommended, like in most aspects of life these days, before and after doing something you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser; including sex.

Despite these obstacles in everyone’s sex lives in 2020, Pasante wants to encourage the continuation of intimacy during this difficult time. But they want to remind everyone that the safest ways would be through masturbation, the use of sex toys, or online sex, and not to have casual sex whilst the restrictions are still in place.

Remember, your best sexual partner is yourself in this pandemic. If you want to be intimate with others, the best way would be via an online platform.

In 2021, our lives should begin to slowly return to normal and, hopefully, this includes our sex lives too. But before it does, it is recommended by the Terrence Higgins Trust to focus on your sexual health and whilst we have the time, it would be good to get an STI test done and find out what your HIV status is. If you’re in Southampton, you can order free STI testing kits online.


Lifestyle Editor 2020/21. German and Spanish Final Year Student.

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