Transitional Fashion: Winter to Spring 2021


The transition from winter to spring is gradual, but the fashion choices are often polar opposite. So, normally at this time of year we find ourselves wondering: how can I take my winter wardrobe into spring without breaking the bank? This article will highlight some key items that will bring your favourite winter pieces into spring and help you stay fashionable all year round.

1: Statement Jackets

Layering is especially important in the winter, but normally in the spring your thick coat is just too much. A statement long faux leather jacket or a trench style coat will transform your look into the new season, whilst keeping you warm, since the British weather can be unpredictable.

2: Tights

This season, tights are in. We’ve seen Instagram influencers promoting a vast number of tights, including fishnet style, colourful ones, and the classic black nylon. Tights can tie together a summer outfit (perhaps a floral skirt), and still keep you warm.

3: Leg Warmers

A Y2K trend that has resurfaced as of late. Leg warmers are practical and can add something extra to a transitional look.

4: Chunky Boots

Chunky boots have been a statement piece for years and are constantly resurfacing alongside new trends. Chunky boots can transform an outfit completely and are perfect to bring a wintery vibe into spring.

5: Dark Florals

Dark florals (i.e., dark greens and reds) are often a great way to combine spring and winter. Spring is associated with flowers and nature, and often winter is associated with darker colors.

6: Flared Trousers

A personal favourite. These trousers feel like you have made the effort, but you can still stay cosy all day. These can be paired with an oversize hoodie for a casual look or a cute crop top and heels for (let’s hope) a future night out.

7: Oversized Tees

Again, another classic. An oversized t-shirt, however, can be worn in countless ways. Graphic tees are constantly in and can be worn with trousers or skirts, no matter what the weather.

8: Turtlenecks

These are great for layering, and can be worn under a t-shirt, a dress, or dungarees to ‘warm up’ a spring outfit.

9: Chunky Cardigans

A cardigan is key to warming up an outfit. Spring brings about picnics and beach-trips, and a cardigan can help when you want to wear something spring-like, but feel worried that you might get cold later in the evening. Additionally, cardigans are a timeless fashion piece.

10: Zip-up hoodies

This is in the same vein as wearing a chunky cardigan but can be switched up for a more casual look.

Hopefully, these fashion pieces will help you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. As the days become longer and the weather becomes warmer, these additions to your outfits will help you get into the summer vibe in 2021.


Wessex Scene News and Investigations Editor and English (BA) student.

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