The Myths of Denver Airport


Denver Airport is one of the most weird and intriguing airports in the world, in my opinion.

The airport, which opened in 1995, is twice as large as Manhattan and cost $2 billion over budget, hosting weird murals, odd layouts and a bizarre structure. Most frightening of all is the 32-foot-tall blue horse sculpture with glowing red eyes, named Blue Mustang, which killed its sculpturer by falling on top of him and severing an artery! There are loads of conspiracy theories surrounding the airport- here are just a few of them:

It Was Built by Nazis

Once of the most prominent signs used as evidence by those who believe this conspiracy is a mural by the airport baggage claim. It contains the horrific image of a skeleton dressed in Nazi-esque uniform wielding a massive knife and gun, mouth open in a wordless scream. Look it up if you don’t believe me. The mural also depicts a line of what seems to be grieving women and cowering children. Leo Tanguma, the mural’s creator, has claimed that it is supposed to promote world peace and harmony, but I’m not sure he knows what that looks like.

There are also those who see a swastika when looking at an aerial photo of the airport buildings, another clue towards Nazi involvement. Finally, there were plaques surrounding the airport stating it was funded by the New Order Airport Commission, a group that doesn’t seem to exist. This has led some to believe that the Airport was actually funded by the New World Order, a rumoured secret totalitarian world government.

The aforementioned mural. Credit: Higher Forces via Flickr [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
It’s the HQ for the Illuminati

The airport was dedicated on the 19/3/1994 and if you add all those individual numbers, leaving out March (i.e. 1+9+1+9+9+4) you get 33 which is apparently the highest degree achievable in freemasonry. There are also reportedly several plaques show the Masonic squares and compass squares. Some believe that the five previous attempts to build the airport were not destroyed but instead buried beneath the current building, which would also account for some of the major budgetary issues.

This, it is argued, has allowed room for an underground headquarters for the Illuminati in America’s largest airport. This feels like a distinct stretch for me personally, but I guess they were motivated by the amazing flight connections.

It’s Home to Lizard People                                                      

Similarly to the last conspiracy theory, there are people who believe that lurking in underground tunnels and bunkers are giant humanoid lizards. One of the main reasons for the airport’s delayed opening was their failed automated luggage system, which involved creating lots of tunnels and cost lots of money but is still not in use. There are those who believe that this space is now occupied by the giant lizards and leads to giant bunkers. There are also those who believe that these bunkers are reserved for billionaires for the apocalypse, so hopefully they’ll be fine with reptilian friends.

Denver Airport has recently started embracing the numerous theories surrounding the building, with their new construction signs showing Illuminati in hard hats and lizards in business wear whilst asking some hard-hitting questions like: ‘Construction? Or cover up?’ And ‘Are we creating the world’s greatest airport? Or preparing for the end of the world?’ The chances are we’ll never know the answer to these, but one thing is clear: please think before you mural.


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