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Following the global impact of COVID-19, international travel has taken a step back at the moment. After seeing the effect of the virus globally, with many nations imposing differing degrees of lockdown restrictions, some people are feeling nervous about flying abroad. Others, who would like to travel, are struggling to find a holiday due to lack of flights, inability to buy insurance or quarantine measures. So, many Brits have decided to pack up their cars and holiday in the UK instead. Millions of tourists visit the UK every year, so now residents here are discovering these tourist hotspots for themselves. From city escapes to coastal trips and everything else in between, there is plenty to discover on this island.

City Breaks

When thinking of cities to visit in the UK, London is the first place that would spring to mind. As the capital city, it is a very popular destination among national and international tourists and was the third most visited city in the world in 2019, according to Business Insider. This city hosts a large variety of cultural, historical and political landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. There is also a vast number of art galleries, museums and parks to visit, many of which are free to enter. Plus, thanks to the public transport systems within the city, it is very easy to get around and explore, just make sure to remain up to date on government guidelines regarding unessential travel. Furthermore, if you do use public transport in England, remember to wear your face covering, to follow social distancing measures, and to use contactless payment if possible.

Coastal Retreats

Many people when they go on summer holidays want to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and head to the tranquility of the coast or beach resorts. The UK offers this in swathes! It is an island nation after all. One of the most iconic destinations for a seaside getaway would be Cornwall. The Cornish coasts offer some of the best beaches, most iconic landmarks, and the greatest surfing in the UK. You could visit the famous Land’s End or surf on the Atlantic Coast. If you don’t fancy spending every day of your holiday in the water, the seaside towns in Cornwall, such as St Ives or Padstow, offer you a taste of life by the sea, which you can enjoy with traditional fish and chips.

Mountain Treks

The variety of landscapes in the UK means that adventure is never too far away, and if walking or hiking is your thing, there’s plenty of spots to enjoy. You could head to Wales and hike the Brecon Beacons or climb one of the UK’s three peaks, Mount Snowdon. If you want to stay in England, you could visit the Peak or Lake District and enjoy their various walking and cycling routes. So not only will you be having a holiday, but you will also be staying healthy by getting out and about in the fresh air, which is definitely needed after months of being indoors.

So, if your feeling of wanderlust has been growing during lockdown, why not take a break from Netflix, banana bread, or working from home, and head out to discover what the UK has to offer? There’s so much to see and do, and it’s all on your doorstep. Go on a staycation!


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