How to Throw An Instagrammable Birthday Party For Your Cat


Are you a crazy cat lady at the age of only 23? Are you looking for a way to show the world that your cat is your only priority? There’s no better way to do so than to host an Instagrammable birthday party for your cat— preferably on Instagram Live! 

People who show you endless pictures of their babies are universally annoying, but no one feels the same way about pics of your cat! (…right?) No doubt, your friends and family have a limitless reserve of patience for the 5,000th picture of your floof – and your parents totally aren’t tired of hearing your jokes about ‘their grandchildren with fur’.

But on the off-chance that everyone in your life ISN’T totally fed up with you, you can really seal the deal by throwing an Instagrammable birthday party for your cat!

To bring you this step-by-step guide, we spoke to a Southampton student who cares more about her cats than a degree to hear about her real-life experience. (We also confirmed that her lecturers are very fed up with being shown cat pictures every time she sees them).

So, without further adieu, we bring you her tried and true guide.


  • Order personalised invitations for your cat 

Nothing tells your cat you love her like expensive, personalised invitations she can’t read! To really show your cat how much you care, commission an artist to draw your cat and print invitations with her name, face, and birthday on them. (Bonus points if you can get the artist to draw your cat wearing a big pink hat and pearls!) Your cat will totally appreciate them and your friends and family will wonder if they should take your credit card. 

  • Buy decorations 

Cat-friendly streamers, garland, and a printed birthday banner with her name on it should set the tone for the day! Don’t expect it all to go perfectly, though— you can’t put dangling ribbons in front of a cat and expect her not to release her inner wild animal! Just be sure to get some cute snaps for the ‘gram.

To add some extra class to the party, be sure to buy some floof-sized floral paper plates— preferably those with a totally original message like, “I floofin’ love you!”— and fill them with a fancy mixture of lobster, tuna, and salmon treats that your cat would happily have eaten off the floor anyway. 

  • Test your culinary skills 

Want to create a cat-friendly cupcake to spoil your floof on her special day? Head to the kitchen and whip up a concoction following one of the many ‘cat cupcake’ recipes on the internet. Get your hands smelly and deep in cheese, tuna, and— for a little garnish— a giant prawn on top. Your cat will totally appreciate all your effort and definitely won’t ignore the cupcake at all. 

So, there you have it, dear reader! The recipe for a perfect cat birthday party. Will it be a ton of effort? Absolutely. Will your cat appreciate it? Not in the slightest? Will your friends and family think you’re crazy? Without a doubt.


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