Update: University Email System Hacked


This morning, all students received a presumably joke email signed off by Sir Christopher Snowden, former Vice Chancellor.

The email claims that they ‘just got off the phone with the Prime Minister’ and that ‘due to budget constraints’ related to Brexit, the University of Southampton, along with five other Universities will be ‘closed with immediate effect’ next week.

Not all is lost, however. We have been reassured by our resigned Vice Chancellor that we will be ‘rehoused at a far superior univeisity [sic]’ and ‘all be transferred to Solent University next semester’.

Does this positive talk of our age-old rival perhaps give a hint as to who hacked the University email system?

The email signed off by announcing that the Vice Chancellor has allowed us to forgo our January exam, encouraging us instead to ‘get a massive sesh on!!!’

As nice as it sounds, considering Sir Christopher resigned last academic year, Wessex Scene would advise you don’t hold him to that…

You can see the full email below:

Credit: Charlotte Colombo

The email has since been ‘unsent’, with the all-student email disappearing from student inboxes

In response to this issue, a University of Southampton spokesperson has said:

The University of Southampton are aware of an email circulated earlier to students pretending to be from the Vice-Chancellor and relating to the University.

We want to reassure all of our students that this email is fake. It was not sent by the Vice-Chancellor and did not come from his personal account.

The information it contains is completely false and should be disregarded. The University is open and operating as normal.

The University is treating the matter seriously. Our iSolutions team are working to track down the source of this e-mail and appropriate action will be taken.

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