SUSU #ExpectRespect Policy Now Approved and in Motion


After five months of development, SUSU’s #ExpectRespect policy has now been approved – it can be viewed via their Equality and Diversity page. 

The policy has been approved by the Trustee Board, elected Senators at Senate, and the Liberation Officers have provided a review.

The policy outlines what students can and should expect from this Students’ Union, and vice versa, striving to ensure behaviour and conduct is appropriate and inclusive of people of all backgrounds.

The policy aims to provide the infrastructure to ensure accountability for SUSU and for students; ‘respect’ will now be established in writing behind the scenes of SUSU. This extends to events and support systems, clubs and societies, and member behaviour.

So far, #ExpectRespect has facilitated the following:
– A partnership with the University with our Report and Support Tool to allow students to report incidents and misconduct has been established
– A training module for clubs and societies to take as a means of remaining affiliated and make grant funding more accessible
– SUSU’s first ever Disability Awareness Campaign, which will take place at the end of this month
– The training of various bar staff in how to approach certain situations and things to be aware of within this area of concern

Development began in August 2019 and will now be a terms of reference policy under SUSU.

The policy intends to cultivate an environment of inclusivity and accountability within the university.


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