BA Flights to Beijing and Shanghai Suspended


Daily flights to China between the UK and two major Chinese megacities have been cancelled by British Airways amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

The 2019-nCOV virus emerged in Wuhan a few weeks ago – since then the number of cases has piled up worryingly. As of February 1st, nearly twelve thousand cases have been reported in China; infected patients are now being diagnosed globally, including two British citizens. In alignment with several other international airlines, British Airways has taken preventive measures to slow down the spread of the pathogen and suspended these direct routes, although travellers can still be transferred to Shanghai and the capital via other Chinese cities.

Many British citizens have already been repatriated, however the government have made a few telephone numbers available for people currently residing at the heart of the outbreak in the Hubei province, and for anyone wanting to arrange their journey back to the UK.

Information and geographical spread of the 2019-Coronavirus can be found on the World Health Organisation’s website.



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