Website Launched to Help Combat Fear of Coronavirus


University of Southampton have created a webpage for students worried about Coronavirus, detailing what to do if you have recently visited Wuhan or China in general or if you think you display the symptoms of the disease.

The University reiterates Government advice of sectioning yourself off if you have recently returned from Wuhan or the Hubei area, in order to prevent the potential virus spreading. They recommend keeping to your room, not going to classes or going on transport, and not having any visitors. Avoiding contact for 14 days with other people is the main way to prevent other people catching this highly contagious virus.

If you experience symptoms like a fever, difficulty breathing or a cough, the recommendation is to avoid contact with people and call the NHS on 111.

The main advice is to treat Coronavirus the same way you would treat flu. In order to lower chances of contradicting the disease yourself, you should follow basic guidelines like washing your hands regularly with soap and covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. The university also appears to be updating the page regularly with new information and questions they have been asked.

Coronavirus has inspired racial backlash against those from China so the website appears to put fears to rest and reassure students as to the logical steps they can take to prevent contracting the disease. This is especially timely considering the unsubstantiated claim of Coronavirus in Mayflower Halls which caused widespread panic despite being based on rumour.

You can access the website here.


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