University Gliding Club Gets A New Glider


The Southampton University Gliding Club has got a new glider through SUSU’s capital grants funding.

Commenting on the new glider, which is based at Shalbourne Gliding Club and has SU printed on the glider’s tail, the Students’ Union has said:

We are committed to improving the experience of all our sports clubs – we hope the new glider will help SUGC members enjoy soaring through the skies and developing their skills.

Gliding is similar to flying in which those trained can fly in a small single passenger craft, towed either by a plane or on a tether. On the investment, VP Sports Olivia Reed has said:

This is a really exciting investment which shows our continued commitment to our sports clubs. We’re (literally) helping our students reach new heights! I am really proud of our over 90 sports clubs and their achievements and this is part of a series of investments which reaches over £200,000 annually.


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