Arrest After Man Spotted on a Roof in Bedford Place


Police were involved in a ninety-minute standoff with a man who climbed onto a roof in Southampton city centre.

Local residents were alarmed to see police officers surrounding Bedford Place and parts of Carlton Place on Wednesday 12th February after a man was spotted standing on the roof of XOXO bar.

Paramedics were also present on the scene after responding to concerns for welfare calls, the incident was first reported around 11.30am in the morning.

Police cordoned off the area until about 1pm when the road was reopened. A 20 year old man has been taken in to custody on suspicion of possession of a bladed object and failing to attend North Hampshire Magistrates’ Court on January 28.

One of the witnesses, 22-year-old Solent University student Ryan Perry, recounts seeing a man on top of the building:

 It was quite a shock. All the police suddenly turned up and cordoned off the area. They were almost instantly, it wasn’t just one it was three of four cars and paramedics as well.

Other witnesses claim the man used a ladder belonging to a maintenance worker to climb up to the roof of the bar. Two South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) vehicles were also present at the scene alongside the incident response unit.

Hampshire Constabulary have reported that the man is still in custody.


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