A Step Up the Recycling Game on Campus with New TerraCycle Bins


Four TerraCycle bins have been installed on Highfield Campus in SUSU building (B42), Hartley library, Turner Sims and building 28 (Froude Building). 

The company specialises in the collection and processing of particularly difficult to recycle waste types. These may include crisp wrappers, industrial bread bags, coffee pods, and even contact lenses.

TerraCycle has many free programmes available, dedicated to the recycling of these specific wrappers, by categories or brands. These programmes are available in 21 countries throughout Asia Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand), the Americas, and Europe, and vary with the more locally dominant brands and products. Participating in one of these programmes may avoid the incineration or burial of mass-produced plastic trash, especially from infrastructures with intensive use of ballpoint pens, single-use scientific equipment, or surgical gloves for example.

TerraCycle’s free collect campaigns are funded by companies who are careful to minimise or neutralise their environmental impact. ‘Zero Waste Boxes’ can also be purchased through their website to collect any type of rubbish imaginable, from cigarette butts, to 3-D printed materials, to flip flops. The company also offers partnerships with businesses big or small, as well as city councils to deal with large amounts of waste. The recycled material is used to produce a variety of products, including ashtrays, tables and playgrounds, available to purchase.

If you want to set up a free programme, from your home or with a society/organisation, more information can be found on the TerraCycle website.


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