Southampton StreetDoctors Teach First Aid in Wake of Local Stabbings Spike


University of Southampton medical students are running a local campaign to help equip the general public with the skills they will need in the event that they are a witness or party to a stabbing. 

The news comes amid a sharp rise in violent crime in the city, which led to Wessex Scene earlier this month reporting on Southampton’s first ever Serious Violent Crime Summit, held at St Mary’s Stadium.

This comes as a response to a national campaign by charity StreetDoctors to educate young people about first aid in the context of the aftermath of a violent crime incident. The Southampton branch is comprised of many volunteers from the University of Southampton Faculty of Medicine.

On their Facebook page, the group say that they, ‘change lives by giving young people the skills and confidence to deliver life saving first aid‘.

Southampton StreetDoctors run two types of 45-minute sessions regularly on how to react if you see someone bleeding and what to do if you see someone unconscious.

President of Southampton StreetDoctors and University of Southampton student, Felon Mahrous, said:

I felt that it was a duty to highlight to local youngsters the importance of not getting involved in violence because they are playing with their lives. It is especially important in Southampton as rates of knife crime are going up, so this is more important than ever.

You can book in a first aid education session with Southampton StreetDoctors by following the link here.


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