Student Candidate Spotlight: Student Leaders and Sports Officers


Although the Spring Elections are vital for electing our Sabbatical Officers, it is also important because it gives us the opportunity to elect student volunteers to lead and enrich several areas of Union life. Here, we will be exploring some of the candidates of student leadership positions to give you an insight into who you want to vote for! This article will be focusing on students looking to be elected to lead Union Groups as well as Sports Officers.

Medical Society (MedSoc) President

James Woodward

‘I am and have always been extremely passionate about the medical society here at Southampton. I’ve loved writing your bulletin, helping with every event and attending the national MedSoc conferences. From all of this I’ve learnt how much potential there is in a MedSoc. Let’s unleash it.’

Nightline Officer

Dipam Sengupta

‘I personally feel that I have the capability to perform my duty with due diligence and would put in any amount of additional effort required to uphold the standard of my University.’

RAG President

Paul Forster

‘RAG offers so many opportunities for personal growth while also benefiting fantastic causes. I want to raise the profile of RAG on campus and recruit more volunteers, helping students from a variety of disciplines try something new and make some great friends. We will continue develop our catalogue of large scale events and introduce more intramural sport fundraising tournaments. I love listening to people and facilitating collaboration between societies, hearing about new ideas and ultimately making RAG constantly relevant on campus. As president, my strong leadership, initiative and drive will allow us to raise more money for charity than ever before.’

Benjamin Shaw

‘Having been a member of RAG for many years and having been on the committee for 3 years in a variety of roles I have a lot of experience which will allow me to effectively lead RAG, as I have the skills required to oversee and help with all events. I also believe that my experience and the experience that RAG has as a whole should be shared more effectively to help all student fundraising, as RAG is there for all.’

Ella Foxhall

‘RAG means the world to me. I love every aspect of the society and I would be honoured to be next year’s president. I am positive, passionate and organised. I have many ideas for new fundraising opportunities, such as an environmental awareness week and a Strictly Come Dancing event. Furthermore, I would also make structural changes by introducing a new committee role, the Secretary. This will help the society to run smoothly, so our volunteers can focus their efforts on fundraising as much as possible. I know that I can lead our wonderful society to an even more successful future.’

Intra-Mural Officer

Kareem Hussein

‘As someone who has been involved with intra-mural sport from day one at uni and is captaining an IM team now, I’m very familiar with all the problems IM sport currently has. If I get elected I promise to work alongside the upcoming VP Sports to tackle these issues, by helping lobby for improved facilities, improve support for intramural club committees in order to be better prepared for funding applications and potential controversial incidents, and to help intramural sport reach more students. I will also work to overhaul the score reporting system and improve the enforcement of referee assignments.’

Athletic Union Officer

Daniel Akhter Hussain

‘If elected as AU Officer I want many others within the sporting community to share this experience and this will be through giving AU clubs more recognition and promoting their sporting success. I will ensure AU clubs have their feedback channeled up giving them a chance to have sit down, one to ones with their represented officers and ensure they are kept in the loop and have the support from SUSU.’

Voting closes Friday 6th March, 4pm. You can vote at on-campus polling stations or online at the SUSU website.

The results will be announced the evening of Friday 6th March during Elections Night Live at The Bridge. If you aren’t there in person, be sure to follow Wessex Scene’s live coverage!

To see all the candidates and their manifestos, click here.

Editor’s Note: We endeavoured to contact all student leadership candidates to ensure fairness and equal representation. For those candidates who failed to respond, we quoted a small portion of their manifesto.


This article was written by somebody who is no longer active with Wessex Scene. If you wrote an article which is now associated with the archive account but would like your name credited, please contact us!

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