Alleged Xenophobic Incident Outside Southampton Student Accomodation


CW: This article contains explicit reference to racist language and behaviour, which some readers may find distressing.

Local teenagers, thought to be around the age of 14, are believed to have racially abused a group of Chinese international students outside private student accommodation Vincent Place in Southampton City Centre.

A social media post regarding the incident was widely shared yesterday, which includes a detailed statement believed to be written by someone involved, as well as footage and photographs of the incident.

Out of respect for the victims, Wessex Scene will not be displaying any videos or images related to the incident in this article, although the hyperlink above will take you to the original social media post regarding the incident. However, please be advised that the content might be distressing for some.

The social media post describes how Chinese students were specifically targeted for wearing masks, with the perpetrators allegedly harassing the group of students on their way home with ‘a series of extortion acts in the name of ‘wanting free masks’’. 

The students are then described as trying to escape the situation by running away, but the perpetrators then reportedly used store trolleys ‘to corner and assault them’.

When the students tried to enter their accommodation for protection, it is reported that the group of perpetrators followed them back, with more people then joining in on the attack.

The post then goes on to describe the incident escalating: ‘Visible and audible in the video, victims were harmed physically and verbally. Remarks such as ‘Chinese Prick’, ‘Chinese virus’ and ‘go back to your fucking country’ were hurled at the victims.’

The police are reported to have arrived at the scene soon after this point, with the perpetrators also damaging the reception area of the student accommodation.

Parents of the perpetrators are also said to have arrived at that point, but it is alleged that they ‘approached the police and tried to get [their]daughter out of the situation’ whilst showing ‘no apologies nor empathy to the victims the whole time.’

It is reported that the perpetrators were detained by the authorities and that statements were taken, with those involved being set to get email updates on the case’s progression.

Wessex Scene will update this article accordingly when new information comes to light.

If you have experienced a racist incident, you can contact the police by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency.


You can also contact SupportLine for confidential emotional support at 01708765200.


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