93% of People In Southampton Feel Better From Smiling


According to SmileDirectClub, 93% of Southampton residents feel better just by smiling. 

A study by the oral hygiene company found that there were a few key factors at the heart of raising the morale of people in Southampton. A smile from someone else, pets, and children, were the top three reasons people felt happier, or were more likely to help people smile themselves. They also found that the most frown-encouraging things were tasks like checking finances, or being told to smile more. Many people however often feel too insecure about their smiles to smile and show their teeth. Almost half of the 2000 surveyed said they felt this way.

Kay Oswald, President of International at SmileDirectClub, said:

A smile has the power to transform a person’s day and it’s disheartening to learn how many people are struggling with their confidence to the point that it’s affecting their desire to share their smile.

Despite insecurity, why not share a smile, and make someone else’s day?


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