Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Coronavirus


The Prime Minister has developed mild symptoms of the coronavirus such as a temperature and a persistent cough.

Following personal advice from England’s Chief Medical Officer, NHS staff tested Johnson in Downing Street. The Prime Minister is self-isolating in the flat above 11 Downing Street and he will be leading the government response to the virus via video conference. Although, if Johnson’s symptoms worsen, the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, will assume the role of Interim Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister displayed symptoms yesterday afternoon. Due to this, Johnson stood a safe distance apart from Chancellor Rishi Sunak during the nationwide ‘clap for carers‘ tribute to NHS staff who are responding to the coronavirus.

According to a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace, the Queen last met the Prime Minister on the 11th of March and she ‘remains in good health‘. On the 25th of March, Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus and he reportedly has mild symptoms.

Today the Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that he too has tested positive for the coronavirus.


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