Don’t Hate, Isolate: Elephants Cause Hilarious Havoc During Self-Isolation in China


Across the world there are now over 750,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, but a group of elephants in China found a very fun way to make the most of people putting themselves in self-isolation.

The virus has lead to a number of problems including supermarket shelves being cleared at Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and Morrisons, as customers try to purchase essential items such as toilet roll, hand-wash, and pasta. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a lockdown which called for the British public to socially distance themselves from others and avoid gatherings such as pubs, restaurants ,and theatres, and countries across the globe have taken similar lines of action. Despite what seems like a lot of bad news however, at one farm in the Yunnan province of China, the first country to be hit by coronavirus with tens of millions placed in lockdown, some elephants took full advantage of the situation.

A herd of 14 majestic beasts broke into a village in an attempt to find some food. On their mission, the elephants came across a cheeky extra treat for their efforts, finding a huge 30kg of corn wine. After drinking all of the wine the elephants were said to be feeling a little rough, with two males allegedly passing out in one of the tea gardens nearby as they were completely drunk! Images can be seen in the tweet below.

We are sure that there must have been some elephant-sized hangovers the morning after!


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