Don’t Hate, Isolate: Love in the Time of Coronavirus


A couple smartly changed the location of their proposal from the country of Iceland to the supermarket prior to the isolating lockdown.

Robert, from Kent, had originally planned to fly to Iceland with his girlfriend Patsy to propose to her. However, due to coronavirus, nearly all international travel has been suspended, including the couple’s holiday. Nonetheless, Robert came up with an interesting solution.

The proposal was made in the aisles of the couple’s local Iceland supermarket. Former Iceland manager Robert saw the supermarket as an appropriate alternative location and Patsy, who accepted his proposal, agreed!

The supermarket has offered to pay for the couple’s honeymoon to the country of Iceland once the pandemic has subsided.

However, with the current lockdown shutting off the opportunity to be as creative with proposals, it will be interesting to see how a number of couples will stand up to the challenge…


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