Enabling Services Offering Further Support During Pandemic


Enabling Services have shared on the University website what they are are doing to help students struggling through these particularly difficult times. 

The website reassures students that they can provide support if they are struggling with mental health and well-being, disability, and Specific Learning Difficulties. The have also shared their regular contact details, while also giving their contact details for students needing help dealing with crisis, or needing urgent support.

Students can contact Enabling Services in the usual way via enable@soton.ac.uk.

Students facing significant difficulties or dealing with a crisis, should email firstsupport@soton.ac.uk.

Their phone lines however are not currently being monitored.

Services they are providing remotely include:

  • Student Support Appointments – Disability or Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Specialist Study Skills appointments
  • First Support appointments
  • Counselling appointments

They are also trying to offer greater support to disabled students who will be participating in remote learning by addressing the following:

  • Reviewing Additional Exam Recommendations (AERs) for remote assessment and preparing guidance for students.
  • Contacting all students in receipt of learning support (e.g. note-taking), to discuss their individual support needs for remote learning.
  • Working with iSolutions to assess which assistive technologies available on campus can be accessed remotely.
  • Producing guidance on remote learning for students with SpLDs and disabilities.

Make sure to seek support if you need it in these difficult times.


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