University to Release Covid-19 Plan Next Week


Last week, an all student email was sent out by Professor Alex Neill, Vice President Education. Sent to students for some much needed clarification, students were told that the university were making a plan. 

The email (see below), expresses gratitude and thanks to all NHS volunteers and medical students who have graduated early, while also congratulating them. Primary issues being addressed by the university are assessment and how students can be assessed remotely and this will be shared with students on the 20th of April, what would have been the start of the next semester.

Credit: Imogen Brighty-Potts

He also states clearly,

Staff and students will continue to work and study from home during this period until the Government lifts its current restrictions and the University announces otherwise. In the meantime, please stay engaged with your studies and continue with your coursework; and please do channel questions and concerns through your course reps. (Their details can be found at

We will keep you up to date with any further information on our website.


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