Domestic Abuse Victims in Southampton Could Have a ‘Safe Space’ To Go


Content warning: Domestic abuse and violence. If you are experiencing anything mentioned  in this article please get in touch with the PIPPA Helpline, open 09.30 – 16.30 Mon-Fri : 02380 917917.

Amid concerns about those suffering domestic violence while trapped at home in lockdown due to the coronavirus, Southampton civics as well as several charities and organisations have put plans into motion to create a new ‘safe space’ for victims to go. 

With government enforced lockdown in place, many struggling have found themselves with nowhere to go. Southampton City Council have therefore decided to create a place where victims can go. The Housing Service have also agreed to help those in council-owned homes too. The charity Refuge has said that the National Domestic Abuse Helpline has received an increase of 25% in call and online requests for help.

Councillor Dave Shields has said:

Not being able to see family and friends who might normally provide support, or access services, can leave victims and perpetrators feeling very frightened. But I want people to know that help is still available and that we’re doing all we can to carry on supporting you. We’ll get through this together – please pick up the phone or go online when it’s safe to do so.

For help, people should always dial 999 (if it is safe to do so). The ‘Silent Solution’ is a system in place if a person is unable to speak. After dialling 999, one can hear an automated message where callers are then prompted to press 55 which will transfer them to the police, so they can be aware that there is a problem. Call handlers will then assess the call and arrange help if necessary.


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