City Life Church Granted £10k Grant to Help Their Coronavirus Support


The Southampton charity, which is host to a food bank service, has been awarded the money by the Martin Lewis Coronavirus Fund.

Journalist and founder of, Martin Lewis, has pledged to donate one million pounds to charities around the UK, who are supporting those in need through the present outbreak.

On his philanthropic gesture, Lewis has said:

I’m delighted to have just approved 49 new donations, worth £488,000, to local poverty relief charities across the UK. So far, we’ve distributed £1.16m to 122 small charities and community action groups. Many are foodbanks, plus projects for direct intervention and help by the likes of local community centres, small football teams, churches, mosques, Jewish groups, women’s groups, industry help, across all four UK nations.

The Christian run Southampton charity, City Life Church, maintains a ‘basics bank’ in Swaything. It provides food and essentials to families and individuals who have fallen on difficult times. The bank is open every Thursday from 10am to 3pm and can be found on Burgess Road.


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