Nearly Six Thousand Pounds Raised for Rough Sleepers in Winchester


Homeless people regardless of the country they live in are among the most vulnerable to Covid-19. With no PPE and no shelter to practice isolation, they are more likely to fall ill with coronavirus and, when often added to pre-existing health conditions, may deteriorate rather quickly.

The Trinity Centre, a charity based in Winchester, have appealed for donations to provide rough sleepers with emergency accommodation, cooked and packed meals, as well as the necessary hygiene products and fresh bedsheets.  The centre is also offering phone support and counselling to vulnerable people, expecting these services to become increasingly needed in the near future. This is due to an expected economic crash leading to employment cuts and falling incomes, where demand for mental health support is expected to explode.

Working hand in hand with the Winchester City Council, in the first five days of the appeal over £5,600 had been raised by the charity, who delighted to see that despite these difficult times.

Trinity Winchester chief executive, Sue McKenna, admitted that the circumstances ‘highlighted the positive impact of partnership working. Trinity have experienced firsthand the generosity and willingness of the community to support the most vulnerable.’

Trinity and Winchester City Council plan to continue trying to lodge all of the city’s rough sleeper and allow them to safely isolate.


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