The Bridge Makes Menu More Accessible


The Bridge, located the Union building on Highfield Campus, has made its menu more accessible to those with visual impairments and Specific Learning Disabilities. 

Good Food Talks is an app that works in partnership with over 2,500 restaurants across the UK to enable people with visual impairments and other reading difficulties to independently access menus more easily, and The Bridge is their newest customer.

Highlighting the fact that only 1% of blind people in the UK can read Braille, the app promises to create a ‘revolution‘ in disabled dining:

91% say browsing the menu themselves makes the dining more inclusive and enjoyable.

Lily McDermaid, SUSU’s Disability Officer, has explained the new feature of The Bridge experience:

As Disabilities Officer, one thing I really want to push for is making ‘accessible’ venues truly accessible. As a result, SUSU now has a partnership with an app and website which makes browsing menus much easier for people with visual impairments or Specific Learning Difficulties like Dyslexia.

It allows users to use reading software already built into phones to read menus out loud as well as change the font, letter size and background colour to make it easier to read. It should make it much easier to make the most out of The Bridge and there is room in the future for it to be implemented across other campus venues!

The Bridge’s menu on Good Food Talks can be accessed here.


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