Sport and Wellbeing Refunding Memberships


The Sport and Wellbeing team have announced via email that they will now be refunding all memberships from the first day of closure, March 21, after further review from their legal team.

Sport and Wellbeing will begin to process refunds upon the reopening of the Sport and Wellbeing facilities. In the email, they advised that: “Your daily rate will be timed by the amount of days that we have remained closed, this will then equal the amount that you are owed.”

The email reiterates that the refund will “only be actioned once our facilities have reopened, each membership will be dealt with on an individual basis.”

The email continues:

“If it was discussed with you that you would receive an extension of 28 days, please note that this will no longer take place as we can now offer you a full refund from the day of closure.”

“We will be sure to contact you once your refund is ready, we ask for annual members to await communication from ourselves.”

Further details on how the refund will be issued are outlined below:

“If you made your purchase via the online store within 6 months, then the pro rata refund will automatically be returned to your payment card in the next 3 working days.”

“If you made a purchase via the online store over 6 months ago, then a pro rata refund will be credited to the bank details the university have on record for you in the next 2 weeks.”

“For memberships that were purchased at Jubilee or Mayflower reception via debit/credit card a credit has been added to your account. To collect the payment please call or visit Jubilee reception and we will return the pro rata payment to your debit/credit card.”

“Memberships paid for with cash at reception will have a pro rata refund returned via cheque, this is due to the University’s policy relating to cash payments and money laundering. In the first instance please contact Jubilee reception for the relevant forms so that we can request cheque for you.”

The email concludes by advising those with memberships to bear with them during this period of time, and that further queries will be dealt with, but may require waiting an extended period.

The price of Sport and Wellbeing came under much dispute this year, including the intramural captains uniting with an open letter which requested for the cost of the Sport and Wellbeing Pass to be lowered; it has subsequently been lowered to £60. Those with the pass can nonetheless be pleased by the courtesy of Sport and Wellbeing to offer refunds during these unprecedented times.




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