UK Lockdown: University Provides Update on Campus Activity


The University of Southampton has said in an online update that we should all manage our expectations around a return to ‘normal life‘, and that a fully functioning campus will not exist for a considerable length of time to come. 

In a blog update published on 30th April by Internal Communications RB, the University acknowledges media speculation that lockdown measured will be lifted imminently, but states that current university measures will remain in place meaning that only essential workers with permits authorised by a PSL Director or Dean will be allowed inside any campus buildings.

The University’s main priority is the ‘continuing safety and wellbeing of our staff and students,‘ and are aiming to reconcile this commitment with the long-term goal of ‘bring[ing]our campuses back to life as places to work, research and study.’

Measures in place will be reviewed by the University next on 1st June, and every two weeks thereafter, with a commitment that risk assessments will be undertaken before any activities resume.

Anybody with questions are directed towards the University’s dedicated coronavirus web page.


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