Plans for Bargate Quarter Extension in Doubt Due to Coronavirus


Plans for an extensive new shopping and restaurant hub in the centre of Southampton have been thrown into doubt due to the economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Whilst it is hoped that the £100 million development project will still go ahead at an unspecified date in the future, Bargate Quarter, which will include a large hotel and new flats, is under reevaluation. A spokesman for the company developer has said, ‘This [crisis] has come from absolutely nowhere and the project has been knocked off course.

The spokesperson for Tellon Capital added that there is still ‘enthusiasm‘ among all parties to get on with the job, but city councillor Sarah Bogle has said that nothing will happen until the pandemic is under control. The council approved the development plans over three years ago, in January 2017, and included a full-scale demolition of the failed Bargate Centre.

After partial demolition, work was delayed after archaeological artefacts were identified on the ancient site.


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