Update on Online Option Choice


The University of Southampton has announced that the Online Option Choice system will open on Monday 27 July at 10 am. It will remain open until Friday 31 July, so that students can choose their modules for the following year. 

All eligible students will receive information on how to access the system through an email from the Curriculum Team in the week before the opening date.

The University states that ‘It is important for you to have access to accurate and comprehensive information and guidance about the options available so you can shape your degree in a way that suits you.’ Therefore, the programme team is working on the curriculum and ‘will ensure the support and information you need will be in place for the open period.’

For further updates, its suggested to follow the @UoS_ServiceLine (the iSoultions Twitter handle), as that is where the team will be publishing the updates of the Online Option Choice.



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