NUS Calls For ‘Mass Action’ For COVID-19 Students


The National Union of Students (NUS) are appealing for students to sign up for ‘mass action’ for debt relief.

Thousands of students in the UK are not receiving an adequate education, according to NUS. The union’s action aims to get debt relief and compensation for students who have had their education disrupted by the pandemic.

England’s universities minister, Michelle Donelan, suggests students complain directly to universities. 

However, Claire Sosienski Smith, NUS Vice President for higher education, commented:

“Even if students complain to their individual institutions, how will universities afford it when the UK government haven’t announced a single penny of additional funding to support them?”

The National Union of Students found in their own research that one in five students have been unable to access their learning at all during in lockdown, with one in three believing it has been of poor quality.

Those particularly struggling to access education are:

  • Students who are unable to access facilities such as studios, labs and workshops
  • Disabled students whom require ‘reasonable adjustments’
  • Students who have work placements integrated into their course
  • Individuals who are supporting on the NHS frontlines or in key worker jobs

More than 500,000 students have signed petitions asking for fee refunds, but NUS believe  ‘the power to positively resolve this situation lies in the hands of the Westminster government.’

NUS President, Zamzam Ibrahim, suggests ‘it’s a total betrayal of trust to the thousands of students who are now facing lifelong debts for a once-in-a-lifetime education they haven’t received’.


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