Southampton Ranked 11th Amongst the World’s ‘Golden Age’ Universities


Four years in a row the University of Southampton has succeeded in retaining 11th place amongst the world’s ‘Golden Age’ universities. 

On June 24, the Times Higher Education (THE) published their annual list of the 100 best ‘Golden Age’ universities, where the University of Southampton has successfully placed 11th for the fourth year in a row.

“The Golden Age ranking uses Times Higher Education data to cast a spotlight on the best universities established for more than 50 years, but less than 80 years”

‘Golden Age’ universities consist of those higher institutions founded between 1945-1967. The name ‘Golden Age’ is derived from the period marking a rapid increase in the number of and investment in university institutions. Qualifying universities were ranked primarily on their research and teaching capabilities. 

The list is dominated by 22 United States universities, where first place belongs to one of our international partners, the University of California, San Diego. The University of Warwick, takes place in the top 10, with 7th place overall. With 24 UK entries, the University of Southampton is second amongst UK universities. The full list of the best ‘Golden Age’ universities in 2020 can be found here.

These rankings were made in cooperation with the Young University Rankings, an organisation that lists the best universities founded less than 50 years ago. The Golden Age table was formed by applying the same methodology as the World University Rankings.


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