DETAILS: Southampton Places of Worship Gradually Reopening


Places of worship across Southampton are gradually reopening after a three month break due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Social distancing and lockdown measures introduced in late March due to the pandemic meant that all places of worship and public congregation legally had to halt all practices.

Now, it is clear that the virus has passed its first peak in Europe, and Boris Johnson has said that worshippers can leave their homes to pray again.

This means that the Catholic rosary will no longer have to be read through Zoom, and Friday Prayers can once again be a staple of the practising Muslim’s week.

Whilst some organisations, such as Victory Gospel Church in Portswood, are choosing to remain online-only for now, others are resuming services whilst implementing social distancing. Southampton’s Medina Mosque, for example, will host Eid-ul-Adha prayers throughout the day on Friday, 31st July, but without wudu (washing) or toilet facilities, and Madrasah (religious classes) will resume on Monday, 3rd August.

Information on the reopening of Southampton’s Catholic churches can be found here, whilst those interested in attending the Southampton Hebrew Congregation will have to make do with the online portal services for now.

Whilst the University of Southampton’s Faith and Reflection Centre may remain closed, Chaplains and Faith Advisors can still be contacted at

Any religious or spiritual organisation that would like to notify Southampton students of their reopening can contact the News team by messaging the Wessex Scene Facebook page or emailing news/


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