Crushampton has Shut Down


Crushampton, a Facebook page that was solely set up as a place for Southampton students to anonymously post confessions, has been shut down.

The mods claim that this is a result on both the fact that they are graduating and the struggle to pass the page on anonymously. The page will no longer accept submissions and all post history will be deleted.

All the history of the page has been saved in a google drive, so that people can still access the memories that Crushampton holds. In addition to this, they challenged someone else to create another page that will follow Crushampton whilst simultaneously warning that with 250 submissions a day, it’s not an easy task.

The post also promotes the Mental Health Foundation, stating that there is a lot of people suffering and it’s important to help.

A Crushampton II has already been set up, and is already sharing anonymous submissions.


Wessex Scene News and Investigations Editor and English (BA) student.

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