What to Expect When Arriving to Halls This Year


Freshers arriving at the University of Southampton Halls of Residence will only be allowed one person to help them move into their accommodation block. Social distancing should be observed, with one way systems and the requirement of face coverings in communal areas.

When moving into halls, students can expect to be greeted by the Students’ Union Halls Committee representatives and Residences team, who offer 24 hour support and assistance.

Individuals and their flatmates will form a ‘household’, being able to cook and socialise together. A flat will have a capacity of 8 people maximum and each student will have access to a private wash basin. A student who has been in the UK for 14 days minimum will spend the first 7 days forming a new household in their flat; they will be able to acquaint themselves with each other, complete online inductions and take part in SUSU activities. Those arriving from outside the UK will need to quarantine for 14 days, being provided with bedding and a kitchen utensil pack, as well as a welcome food parcel for the first 72 hours. After this period, the student will be moved to their permanent room.


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