UPDATE: SUSU Confirms Uninvolved Chamberlain Students Will Not Face Disciplinary Record


Following the breach of Coronavirus guidelines at Chamberlain Halls, SUSU president Olivia Reed has confirmed that uninvolved students will have all notes on their disciplinary record removed.

The incident happened on Monday night where a large gathering took place at Chamberlain Halls, breaking community and government guidelines regarding the spread of Covid-19. All residents were sent a disciplinary letter which caused an uproar from students, gaining support from multiple societies. SUSU have now commented on the issue, stating that they were completely uninvolved with the initial decision on the University’s behalf and that after getting in contact with the responsible officials, all disciplinary remarks have been removed from the uninvolved students records. Via Facebook, Olivia Reed stated the following:

Following our discussions with the University, we have now been assured that students not responsible for the breach of the guidelines will not have any record retained on their file and that the University has begun contacting students accordingly. They will also now be following up with individuals who have been identified as being involved in the event. We will continue to work with the University to ensure that this does not happen again and would encourage any students who have concerns to contact the Sabbatical Officers.

You can reach Olivia Reed via email at president@susu.org


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