University of Southampton Security Team make a push toward Mental Health Assistance


The 46-strong Security Team for the University of Southampton have become certified for First Aid for Mental Health, after undergoing intensive training.

In order to improve the assistance available to students and staff from, the in-house security team have been trained in handling Mental Health issues and First Aid regarding specific Mental Health situations. This is available if any student or staff member were to find themselves requiring immediate help due to mental health issues.

The Security team will work alongside other trained individuals across the University, as well as the Stay Safe ambassadors; the newly-implemented point of contact for students across the campuses and halls (they can be identified by their bright pink shirts).

The assistance offered by the newly-trained security team can range from contacting family/friends on their behalf or directing them to professional services intended for specific support. But the team will also assist everywhere they can.

Amongst this uncertain time, the University hopes that this will offer staff and students a level of comfort and reassurance.

The contact numbers for security are:

Non-emergency – 02380 592811 (ext 22811)

Emergency – 02380 593311 (Ext 3311)

Email – (credit)


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