Renewed Self-Isolation Reporting Process and Support for Students


The University of Southampton is circulating a renewed form that is to be completed by students who are self-isolating.

The form can be found on the Faculty Blackboard Hubs. Students wondering whom they should inform if any questions or concerns should arise are asked to seek out the form.

Self-isolating must begin when:

  • Tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and currently awaiting test results.
  • Living with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Being informed that you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Traveling from those destinations that have been put on the government’s quarantine list. This is updated regularly so make sure to check before traveling.
  • The SERCO Test and Trace app informs you that you must isolate.

The period of self-isolation can differ depending on your contact with the virus. More information can be found on our internal sites which are regularly updated by Health and Safety: 

Students self-isolating can come out of isolation when they have completed the government-recommend period of isolation. Students with a positive test result must continue to self-isolate until getting a negative COVID-19 test.

Support Provided by the University

After submitting the form, students with a positive test will receive a well-being call; the university will ask prior to the call if the student will require it.

Other Support Services:

  • Takeaway service voucher.
  • University catering food parcel.
  • Entertainment support package.
  • Access to laundry facilities.

It should be noted that the university is currently not loaning equipment, help or assistance relating to students’ own hardware and software issues. Students who have IT connection issues should direct these queries toward ServiceLine.

To make sure students can engage with their studies online, they will be contacted by Student Offices/Graduate School Offices. Students will also be able to work with their PAT’s/Supervisors to find support or to arrange extensions/special considerations if necessary.

Guidance Location

With the availability of a handy guide, students can familiarise themselves with the important steps they need to take in case of self-isolation. With further information on the Health, Safety, and Risk SharePoint site, support available for students will be shortly found on the CHEP pages. The CHEP site will provide you with a link to the reporting form, the detailed process, information about the support package and other key documentation as and when it is created.


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