Southampton Research Group Offers training course about road cyclist awareness


The Transportation Research Group (TRG) is asking drivers, who are interested in bettering their skills with dealing with cyclists on the road, to take part in an online training course that will be fully self-guided and a practical training session.

This research project is funded by the Road Safety Trust. It will also be in partnership with Cycling UK, who will provide qualified instructors for the practical training session. All based around dealing with cyclists on the road, the online training course will aim at increasing your knowledge, while the practical session will aim to increase your skills.

TRG invites drivers to take part in the project with the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher after completing the entire course. After entering, you will be sent a questionnaire and login details. The course will be accessible in your own time, and once completed there will be another questionnaire about the course. Lastly, there will be an on-road practical training session, delivered by a Cycling UK qualified instructor, at the University of Southampton.

To get involved with this research project, you must be a driver who never or rarely cycles. Email Joy Richardson ( to get in touch with the research team and partake in the course. In the future, TRG plans to run a similar course for cyclists who never drive, however, specific details are unconfirmed.


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