Gym Breaches Lockdown Rules


Spartans Gym Southampton has vowed to remain open against government guidelines saying, ‘we are fighting this’.

Josh Gosling, who works at the independent gym, announced on their instagram page (@spartansgymsouthampton) on the 5th of November that they had made the decision to stay open, despite numerous visits from the police. Mr Gosling explained, ‘We had the police down this morning. He explained his stance, we explained ours and the owner has decided to stay open.’

Jacqui Rayment, Bevois ward Councillor, criticised this decision:

The rules are very clear and everybody has a part to play in this lockdown. You may disagree but gyms have to close and that should be adhered to. You are putting yourself and others at risk, as much as I appreciate the frustration, the rules are very clear and have to be followed or take the consequences.

In a video posted to Instagram, Mr Gosling went on to explain their decision and encouraged other gyms to follow in this month of planned closure, ‘The mental and physical wellbeing of our members is more important than anything else, and it should be for all of you that own independent gyms. You should all be staying open.’


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