Staff from a Southampton takeaway pizza venue held at gunpoint


Pizza House, a Southampton-based takeaway restaurant located on St Mary Street, was confronted by a man armed with a gun. The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon, 21st November.

The three staff members on duty, at the time, tackled the gunman after he threatened a customer with his weapon. These brave members of staff were able to get the man out of the door of the establishment and call the police.

After the police were called a search for the man began. This included the use of a helicopter and armed forces which circled the area and the industrial park, near Central Bridge. The police also remained at the scene until the evening.

A staff member at the scene recounts the incident, statinga customer had ordered food and was standing outside. Suddenly a Mini-Cooper pulled up next to him and a guy jumped out and chased him into the shop. The one being chased jumped over the counter and into the back. Then [the one from the car]pulled out a gun, so me, my brother, and my dad pushed him out of the shop and he drove away.

Police have since confirmed that a man has been arrested and remains in custody. A vehicle was also seized.

After this incident, the police assert that they ‘do not believe there to be a threat to the wider community‘ but advise that if anyone has any further information that they contact the Hampshire Police or call 101.


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