SUSU Launches Sports Clubs’ Coronavirus Appeal


With the support of the University’s Office for the Development of Alumni Relations, the Students’ Union has launched the Sports Clubs’ Coronavirus Appeal, a fundraising initiative to keep sports accessible to students through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Normally, sports clubs receive significant funding from the Union, enabling them to afford coaching & equipment, as well as to participate in intermural leagues & competitions. However, this year has seen many of the Union’s usual sources of income severely compromised due to the pandemic, with commercial outlets such as The Stags having had to shut for almost half a year, reducing the usual inflows by more than half.

There has reportedly been a 30% reduction in the sports participation rate of students this year, drawing the Union’s concern “at a time when the huge postive benefits of participating in sport for physical and mental health couldn’t be more important,” as put by VP Sports Sam Tweedle. The goal of the Coronavirus Appeal is to raise a minimum of £15,000 in redress of the circumstances, calling upon a wider network of friends, family and colleagues via the student community for donations.

More information on the project can be found here.


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