New Academic Publishing Platform for Students


‘A platform for young thinkers to publish their work, inspire others and express themselves.’ A new academic publishing platform, Ocular Point, has been launched.  

Ocular Point is a free platform for students to publish their academic or creative work. The people who write for the website are encouraged to submit bite-sized pieces of their work, in order to both provide an outlet for the student, and for readers to receive a simplified, summarised insight to the student’s thoughts and content. 

This platform is aiming to give students the opportunity for their work to be read widely. As quoted from Ocular Point, over 500,000 dissertations do not receive the readership that they deserve, with an average of only 6 people reading them. Ocular Point’s main goal is to publish work that can reach a wider audience, and as such, be enjoyed by more people. 

Not only does Ocular Point aim to publish existing work, but they also hope to inspire others. In particular, they are hoping that the work published would spark ideas for dissertations, especially for those who are struggling to find a topic. Also, Ocular Point are hoping that students do not feel that they have wasted their time completing a dissertation, by helping them gain more recognition for the effort they placed into their work. 

This platform is growing rapidly with it benefiting students both graduating and still studying. The social medias and website can be found linked below: 







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