Learn a new language virtually


University of Southampton Lifelong learning is offering people the opportunity to learn a new language online in 2021.

They are offering a variety of languages including: French, German, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Spanish and many more languages. There are different language stages depending on your ability. Stage 1 is for beginners, stage 2 for improvers, stage 3 intermediate, stage 4 upper-intermediate and the 5th stage for those who are very advanced.

The online classes will run from 18th January to 16th July and involves 2 hours of learning each week. There will be a combination of live online lessons and access to virtual learning resources. The courses cost £336.00 at a standard price and £309.00 at a discounted price if you are a student or staff at the university and have a valid ID.

Lifelong learning offers a variety of other courses including Astronomy, History and Oceanography to name a few. The courses take place either in the evening or at the weekend so that you can do them without disruption to your work or studies.

If you are currently a student at the University of Southampton you can learn a language for free. You are eligible to participate in one language course per semester.

More information for Lifelong Leaning can be found here.


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