Police Shut Down Southampton House Party


Just after 10pm on January 30th, the police were called to a house on Graham Road after reports of a house party in breach of lockdown rules.

On arrival, they found seven people inside from different households.  The attendees included six men aged 27 – 40-years-old, and one 24-year-old woman.  The homeowner told officers they had gathered there to celebrate a birthday.

The police reported all attendees for a summons in relation to fixed penalty notices, meaning they will all face a £200 fine for defying lockdown restrictions.

Chief Inspector Ricky Dhanda, said: “This was a blatant breach of the Health Protection Regulations that are in place to keep people safe during the pandemic.

“The people hosting and attending this party were putting themselves and their loved ones at risk from the virus.

“It is behaviour like this that ultimately puts pressure on the NHS and puts other people in the community at risk of serious illness or death.

“Sadly, this is an example of complete disregard for the rules when so many others are sticking to the restrictions and making personal sacrifices every day.

“Our message is that anyone found to be not following the regulations will face a fixed penalty notice.”


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