University of Southampton Website Updates


Parts of the University of Southampton’s website have been updated to make it more accessible. 

The University’s enabling services have altered the ‘Study Skills Resources’ part of the website, so that it is easier to navigate and boasts new content.

The updated page now has five primary areas:

1. Studying effectively from home

This features advice on how to maximise productivity while working remotely, as well as additional exam recommendations, which are pending an update for the second semester.

2. Time management

This includes a time management guide and resources for students with specific learning difficulties. It recommends different studying methods such as The Pomodoro Technique (work for 25 minutes then take a short break).

3. Revision and memory

Here you will discover a revision and memory guide for students with learning difficulties, such as multi-sensory revision methods and recommended apps.

4. Exams

These pages give advice on preparing for your assessments, the day of your assessment and how to reflect and de-stress after.

5. Further resources

This features helpful websites for people with specific learning disabilities and general resources for students.

If you need further advice and help, contact the Enabling Services or visit the library’s Academic Skills page. There are numerous apps that can help you focus on your mental wellbeing while you are studying too.


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